The other things? They really don’t have to be that hard…

Here’s the truth: What I write isn’t rocket science. None of it is complex, difficult to follow or hard to understand. It’s amazingly simple to implement, easy to manage, yet monumental in the impact it will make in your life.

If you feel overwhelmed by everything you think you should do…

If you’ve checked a hundred things off your to-do list, but still feel you haven’t done enough…

If you have ever felt defined by your over-achieving, over-perfecting… and are just plain over it…

Welcome. You’ve found your people.

Prepare to be more productive, present and purposeful while casually giving mediocrity the side-eye.

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And, I’ll be honest— I miss the feeling of community we used to have on social media. Remember the days when we could connect online and no one threw a Molotov cocktail of a politicized comment in there? Or when we could post what we wanted without some rando popping in with a creepy message about what pretty eyes you have? 🙄

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Who am I? (Clearly not a steel mill worker)

I'm Tanya, and I help simplify the path to a meaningful life.

After spending waaay too much of my life chasing busy and pursuing perfection, I finally realized I was lusting after everybody else’s idea of success. I discovered that

Productivity isn’t about doing more, it’s doing what’s most important.

As a founder and former CEO of a 7-figure business, I learned how to build the frameworks to eliminate complexity and create space for true innovation. Now I help people in all walks of life do the same. When I’m not delivering a keynote, I’m writing books for HarperCollins or articles for Forbes and Entrepreneur on leadership strategies.

My bestselling book, The Joy of Missing Out, guides you to create days where you achieve more by doing less. My second book, On Purpose, helps you to define your purpose and create a map to your ideal future - even if you feel you are too busy to achieve your goals.

I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome…and don’t forget to subscribe.

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